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In Direct Sales, a large part of your purchases come from in home parties, demonstrations or presentations.  Essentially as a Lip Boss, or SeneGence Distributor, I get paid to party! I get paid to uplift women, help them meet their beauty goals as well as meeting plenty of new and beautiful women daily. Lip Sense has meant so much more to me than long lasting lip color from the very start. That is why I joined. Most of you know that I enjoy the classic and timeless beauty of the mid century. With that, I can say, Lipstick was my least favorite part of it. Let’s all agree now that traditional wax lipsticks are really, and I mean REALLY bad for the skin on your lips. When I found SeneGence cosmetics, I got hyped. And now, I’m part of something big. And it’s only getting bigger.

I signed up my sister as soon as I could, and then I was able to sign up another beautiful lady, and I’m well on my way to my third Downline. I’m building a sisterhood inside my business and I could not be happier.

Tonight is one of two group demonstrations I have this weekend, and I am praying that I open the eyes of these women into what SeneGence can do for them, because I know without a doubt falling in love with Lip Sense happens just from trying the product.

Have you tried SeneGence or Lip Sense products? Have you thought about joining direct sales and taking control of your financial life? I know that this sounds like an Ad, But heck, I can’t help but spread this amazing and infectious excitement over these products! Let’s talk about it. Leave a comment below. Because you never know, these products could change your life.

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