Redefining The Housewife.


Okay, I admit. I am a sucker for a lot of modern things. Hip Hop (I’m talking Watsky, DFD, Grieves etc.) Tattoos, Comics and other nerdy things that you most likely wouldn’t find housewives indulging in back during the mid century. I can truly say though, my life is far more traditional than a lot of people assume. I dress vintage, the layers of crinolines and modest cuts not for collecting stares, but simply because deep down inside I’m stuck on this notion that life is better sheltered, loved and cared for by my husband, as God designed. It’s really hard to be a walking mixture of two completely different things. I have a lot of people yelling at me from one direction, that I’m not being true to myself. I’m not giving the stage to the strong woman who’s got the opinions she would cross oceans to defend. But if I really wanted to expend the energy? Call me cocky, but I can shut a lot of people up with just a stare.

Which is why when I found this shirt,


I had to own it. And I had never identified with anything so much in my entire life.

I realized that I can make my husband a sandwich while rapping along to Atmosphere. I can clean my house and fold laundry while daydreaming about what it would be like if I met Optimus Prime. I don’t need a job. I have a job. I’ll wear my swing skirts and victory rolls, and drive around in my channeled Caddy bumping OutKast and glaring at basic people. Because I’m pretty okay with who I am. I am confused, but love and accept Jesus. Not all my friends do, and they’re right in the crazy basket with me. But my life is pretty great.

By the way, Thank you to everyone who accepts me just the way I am. Let’s break the stereotype that housewives aren’t some of the most BadAss Babes out there. We are. We don’t need your liberation by working in a cubicle. We’re fine carrying our babies on our hips, loving our husbands above ourselves and going to church on Sunday’s. Just don’t talk about us, because you might get run down by a white Cadillac.


2 thoughts on “Redefining The Housewife.

  1. “Just don’t talk about us, because you might get run down by a white Cadillac”… Or a 1965 Mustang blaring Disturbed, if it’s me driving 😉


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